Top 5 Best Books on Codependency

Being independent is very important if you want to be successful in the long term, which is why we are going to review some of the top books which allow you to become less codependent and start living your life on your terms.

If you are codependent currently, then there is still hope for you. Just be strong, and educate yourself on these topics, and you should be good. As always, we recommend you read these books and enhance your knowledge.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best books on codependency you can buy at amazon with good price:

1) Codependent No More

If you’re philosophical, then you might enjoy this book. What’s great about this book is that it uses personal examples and stories to help people who are currently codependent to get out of the situation.

This book is very relaxing to read as well; many people who read this book feel very good about themselves afterward and are much stronger. If you’re someone who is an emotional person and is looking to become more independent, than you can utilize this book to be more successful and to achieve your goal of becoming independent.

However, if you are someone who likes practical answers and wants to have a solution step by step, then you might not enjoy this book. Since this book talks about personal stores and examples, there aren’t any step by step processes which will help you to become more independent in a systematic manner.

2) You’re Not Crazy- You’re Codependent

This is yet another book, which is being loved by many. If you like step-by-step solutions, personal stories, and remedies, then this book is for you. Please keep in mind that you will be required to read some “fluff” here and there. Many people who have read this book say that the book does go off track; overall, the information is useful.

If you are someone who likes philosophy but also likes to get answers without overthinking, then you will love this book. This book reveals why you are codependent and what caused you to become codependent, which helps you to fix this issue and also helps you to find yourself.

This book also provides you with fantastic information, which will allow you to become more independent and not to become codependent again. We highly recommend this book for people who are just realizing that they are codependent, as it helps you to understand what caused you to become codependent and what you can to become more independent.

3) Boundaries

This book has been read by over 2 million people, which goes to show that the information in this book will help you take control of your life. One thing that this book does well is that it teaches you how to set boundaries without feeling uncomfortable.

Many people have issues setting boundaries, but setting boundaries is very important if you want to be independent. This book teaches you how to create boundaries without feeling uncomfortable, or creating any friction between your friends and family.

This book is primarily about boundaries, which is one of the most important things to learn when becoming more independent. If you can learn how to create boundaries, then you will be a much more independent person and you will be happy overall.

4) Facing Codependence

Perhaps the most eye-opening book you can read on codependency. Even though this book might be longer than usual, this book goes into detail about what caused you to become codependent down to your childhood experiences. If you want to learn what caused you to become codependent or created this toxic trade, then this book will help you to understand your codependency.

One thing we do recommend is that you read this book until the end if you are looking to become more independent. We also recommend that you read other books if you want to eliminate codependency.

The truth is that this book will teach you what caused you to become codependent. However, they’re not very good at helping you to get rid of your codependency, which is why we recommend you read other books to become more independent. Regardless, this is a must-read book if you want to become less codependent.

5) The Language of Letting Go

The author talks about her own life experiences in this book, then she later reflects on it on how she should’ve recovered from her codependency issues. She also talks about daily meditation routine, which allowed her to become mentally healthy, and to become less codependent.

One thing that is appreciated in this book is how real the information is. We can see that the writer went through codependency issues and fixed it by herself. This gives it a very personal touch to the book and will help you to recognize and eliminate your codependency issues.

Overall, this book is very inspiring to read and will help you to become a lot more independent in the long run. Similar to other books we just talked about, this book does not give you step-by-step criteria on how to get rid of codependency. What this book teaches you how to deal with codependency and what might be causing you to become codependent. Once you understand your issues, it will be straightforward to eliminate codependency.

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Final verdict

Thank you so much for reading this article until the end, and we hope the books we have recommended help you to become more independent. We highly recommend you read all of these books if you want to become completely independent.

The truth is that these books complement each other, so please read all of them as they have their uniqueness. We also recommend that you take down notes when reading this book, as some of the information can be overwhelming for beginners.

As always, reflect on your situation and try and find why you became codependent in the first place. You should have no problem becoming more independent in the future and creating more boundaries. As always, if you feel like there is no way out for you, then please seek out help. You can always talk to a professional, or you can start by talking to your friends and family.

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