Top 5 Best Books on Manipulation

Learning the art of manipulation can be fun, but mastering it would be completely different. If you are looking to become a master manipulator, then you need to self-educate yourself with the right books, which is why we are going to discuss some of the most loved manipulation books in the market. These books will allow you to become more aware of the simple techniques you can use to manipulate. With that being said, manipulation could be a tricky topic and is not theoretical for the most part. If you want to be successful, then you have to think outside the box and try it out for yourself.

Our Best Picks

Below are the top 5 best books on manipulation

1) Dark Psychology and Manipulation

At the time of this article, this book is one of the best sellers on Amazon. This book teaches you to understand yourself before you can increase your emotional intelligence to manipulate. One of the most important things you need to learn is how you can manipulate yourself first before you can manipulate other aspects of your life.

This book dives deep into dark philosophy and helps you understand many personalities and traits. One thing many people appreciate about this book is the defending tips and tricks this book teaches you. If you feel like you’re attacked emotionally by others, you will learn a lot from this book.

Overall, this is a fantastic book if you want to learn about manipulation and to learn some basics of dark philosophy. The information provided in this book can be used positively on your friends or work colleagues. You can use the information in this book to manipulate at a deeper level, making it a very versatile book to read.

2) Manipulation: Techniques in Dark Psychology

This book is very hands-on, and it teaches you many techniques on dark philosophy and influencing other people. If you’re in the market for a book that gets straight to the point without providing you with any fluff, then you have found your book. In this book, you will learn how to follow your feelings and how to react to feedback.

This book also talks about many important aspects related to manipulation, even though this book gets intense, you can’t expect this book to be the most thorough book available in the market. If you have some idea about manipulation and are looking to polish off your techniques, then you could use this book with great success. However, we don’t recommend this book to beginners who are just learning about manipulation. You could use this book to learn the basics, but it would not be ideal.

3) 48 Laws of Power

The 48 laws of power is a must-read book if you want to learn about manipulation. One of the things many people love about this book is how it teaches you to think outside the box. This book is perhaps one of the most underrated books in the niche of manipulation. This book can get extremely intense, which is why we recommend you have all of your focus when you are reading this book. This book does not only teach you about manipulation, but it teaches you how to live your life correctly.

The book goes into details of the 48 laws, which will help you with observing and defending yourself amongst some of the aspects of your life. A fantastic book, which is exciting and intense. Please note that this book could go off track, but the main thing here is to learn and to be a student. Don’t tell the book what to teach you; let it guide you. If you read this book with that mentality, you will genuinely enjoy it.

4) Exactly What to Say

Even though this book teaches you about manipulation, many people have learned how to be more sociable and to make more friends. As the title suggests, it teaches you what to say when you are around people. You will learn how to influence others and change their lives in a very good way.

This book is extremely positive and helps you to live a happy life where others consider you to be an asset instead of a liability. Don’t worry, the information in this book will help you to learn and utilize manipulation tips, in a much better manner. If your goal is to get what you want and have an impact on others in a positive fashion, then this book would be a fantastic option for you.

This book is appreciated by people who work in sales, so if you are looking to get more clients or sales, then you can use some tips towards your advantage. This a great book, and we highly recommend it to you as one of the base books for mastering manipulation.

5) Dark Psychology Secrets

Yet another fantastic book, which teaches you some dark philosophy and helps you to influence people’s behavior. If you want to master some of the most powerful techniques of manipulation, this book would be ideal for you. The great thing about this book is that it isn’t too long and it’s packed with information.

This means you will have some of the most hands-on information which you can start using right away. This book will teach you how to use many different tips to control people, and to make them think a certain way. Some readers have said, this book truly helped them manipulate individuals and change their lives for the better. A fantastic book for individuals who are looking to change the way others think and to make them think towards their liking.

Final Verdict

As mentioned previously, manipulating others isn’t an easy task. If you want to be tremendous and manipulation, then you need to master the art. If you read these five books, then you will be very close to mastering manipulation and getting what you want. As always, use manipulations towards your advantage and to not harm others.

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It is a powerful skill that you can learn, and you must use it for the right cause. We recommend you start with 48 Laws of power, as it teaches you how to think and will also put you in the right mindset. Regardless of which book you get first, make sure you read all five of them at some point.

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