Top 5 Best Calculus Books for Self-Study

In today’s article, we are going to talk about some of the best calculus books for self-study. If you’re someone who’s interested in learning calculus, then we have some great options for you. Since there are so many calculus books on the market, we’re going to keep it simple and only talk about the top five calculus books.

Our Best Picks

See top 5 of the “best calculus books for self-study” below:

1) Calculus for dummies

Calculus for dummies is a great book, especially if you’re looking to increase your knowledge without over-exerting yourself. The best part about this book is that it is elementary to learn, and as the title suggests, it is for beginners.

This book teaches the foundations of calculus and slowly gets into more advanced tactics allowing the readers to understand calculus thoroughly before advancing to challenging levels. This book also shows the readers what calculus is and how it works, understanding this concept can make things very easy to learn especially for beginners.

This book also teaches its readers some unique techniques that will allow you to remember calculus much more efficiently.

One thing we loved about this book is that it shows you some secret shortcuts that will allow you to understand calculus more efficiently and to solve problems in a much quicker fashion.

If you’re someone who is struggling with calculus and is looking to improve their knowledge, for college or university courses, then this book and help you to enhance your experience further.

As great as this book is, keep in mind that this book is designed for linguistic learners. If you’re someone who likes to learn from images, then there’s a high chance that you will not benefit from this book.

However, if you like to consider yourself as someone who can learn from visual cues and writing cues, then you can benefit from this book. This is simply a heads up before you purchase this book, as you don’t want to get a book that you’re not going to learn from. Buy now at amazon >>

2) Learn calculus quickly

If you’re looking to learn about calculus, then this is another excellent option. This book teaches you a hundred different types of calculus equations and shows you the final form.

Seeing the equations yourself can help you understand calculus much better and therefore increase your knowledge. This book also talks about the different rules for different functions. The functions this book talks about are polynomial, rational, trigonometric, and many more.

This book also talks about different rules and regulations of calculus, which will help you to understand this topic to a much greater extent.

As good as this book is, the manual is concise, so don’t expect a lot of information. However, if you want a quick guide on calculus, then this book will help you understand the basics and to increase your awareness.

One great thing about this book is that multiple images allow you to understand equations. If you’re someone who likes to learn from visual cues, then this book would be an excellent option for you.

However, there have been many complaints about the images being rather small. If the size of the pictures doesn’t bother you, then this book could be a great option. Keep in mind that this book is for beginners. If you are advanced in calculus, you might find it rather dull.

Overall, this book is very beginner-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with the information. If you don’t know anything about calculus and you want to learn the basics, then this is a fantastic book. Buy at amazon >>

3) How to Ace Calculus

If you are a person who enjoys humor, then this book will do you good. This book teaches your calculus in an enjoyable way, and they use a lot of jokes and limericks to show you calculus and make you feel very welcomed.

The problem with most calculus books is that it can be very intimidating. This is why many people are scared to learn calculus; however, since this book is enjoyable to read, you will not have any trouble feeling intimidated or learning calculus.

The author of this book spent a lot of time making the information harmonious,which makes it very easy to learn even for the timidest students.

Also, this book has been on the market since 1998. And many people have enjoyed and learned from this book. There is a history behind it, and it’s excellent.

Another positive associated with this book is that it has a great mixture of theoretical explanations and visual explanations. This book will help any type of learner to excel and better their knowledge in calculus.

A significant part of this book is the way it transitions into harder problems, and it works very well. The short cut and the hacks in this book are also good and can help you to further your knowledge.

This book managed to cover the essentials of calculus, and also get into the technical details associated with calculus. Expect this book to be very fun and easy to learn, especially if you enjoy jokes and limericks. Buy at amazon >>

4) Essential calculus skills practice

This book is perfect for people who like to take things seriously and to learn on a more theoretical level. One thing that stands out about this book is how many solutions there are and how many of them are different.

You will most definitely enjoy this book if you like challenges, and you wish to learn more new and unique things. This book can be used for beginners and advanced, which makes it one of the most essential books you need to have in your library.

Unfortunately, this book isn’t as beginner-friendly as most of the other books; however, it does take you through the basics and walks you to the advance. If you are a complete beginner on calculus, then we would recommend you stay away from this book.

Bear in mind that this book is a workbook, which means that if you’re looking to learn the complete basics of calculus, then this would not be a good option. There are many problems to solve in this book, and it is considered to be a practice book to enhance your knowledge. Think of it as a professional athlete working out to perform better during their games, and this is what the book offers you.

However, if you know a little bit about how calculus works, then you can benefit from this book, the equations you have to solve can go front easy to extremely difficult which will boost your knowledge on calculus and improve your skills. Buy now at amazon >>

5) Calculus: An Intuitive and physical approach

One of the best books on calculus, not only is the information provided in this book very consistent, but it is also effortless to understand.

There are many drills and techniques you can learn from this book, and the difficulty starts from beginner to advanced. Many people are suggesting that this book helps them to take notes more efficiently when they are in class, and understanding the concepts of different calculus formulas are much more comfortable.

The best way to explain this book is that this book will take your calculus knowledge to the next level and will also help you to perform better on future calculus issues. This book is the base you need to learn before you get into serious calculus. Many teachers recommended this book to their students who want to do better overall.

Even if you’re not a student and you simply want to learn calculus. Then this book is excellent as it teaches you different dimensions and symbols of calculus, which helps you to understand the language much better and to have a clear, structured idea on how you’re going solve a specific problem.

A fantastic book to own, especially if you are looking to own a book that will come in handy when you are having trouble figuring out the answer. Works for small and big problems.

One thing we would like to talk about is the lack of information for beginners, even though beginners can most definitely learn from this book. However, many people say that this book skips some of the basics of calculus and moves to advanced techniques. If you have some idea of what calculus is, then you can learn from the book and further enhance your skill. Buy now at amazon >>

Final Verdict

We appreciate you taking the time to read this article till the end. By now, you should have a clear idea of what book you’re going to be buying to enhance your knowledge of calculus.

Please make sure to pick a book that is closely related to your knowledge level, don’t get a calculus book that is highly advanced for you. This is why we talked about many different calculus books on many different levels, so we hope you can learn and grow your knowledge.

As always, once you’re done with one of the books, make sure to keep buying more books so that you can further enhance your knowledge and become an expert on calculus. You can’t expect to become an expert simply by reading one book.

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