Top 5 Best Organic Chemistry Textbooks

Learning organic chemistry can be difficult, which is why it’s recommended you read more books on this topic. The more books you read; the more natural organic chemistry will become for you. In today’s article, we will discuss some of the top books you can read on organic chemistry. These books will make organic chemistry easy to understand, and will help you get better marks in school. Please note, if you are using these books to do better in school, then look at your curriculum before you purchase any of these books, as they might not fit your needs.

Our Best Picks

Below are top 5 best organic chemistry textbooks

1) Organic Chemistry for Dummies

A fantastic book if you’re looking to learn organic chemistry in simple terms. One thing many people have mentioned about this book is that it is straightforward to learn from and makes severe problems straightforward. The guide in this book is elementary and makes it fun for readers to learn about organic chemistry.

This book also has fully completed organic chemistry problems, which makes it very easy for you to understand how to solve chemistry problems. Everything in this book is brand new, which means all the examples and equations will be different from most of the books you have read, which will help you understand organic chemistry even better. The only downfall we see in this book is that it can be fundamental. Make sure to upgrade to a more technical book once you understand the basics of organic chemistry.

2) 86 Tricks to Ace Organic Chemistry

If you are looking to learn organic chemistry very quickly, then this book might be the best option for you. Since this book uses many different tricks and tips which allow you to learn about chemistry, it makes it very easy to grasp the necessary knowledge. Even though this book can get extremely advanced, the information is much easier to understand when it’s a basic level of knowledge.

Many readers have suggested that the more advanced information in this book is a bit shaky and can be troublesome for readers to learn about. Regardless, this book is an excellent option if you want to ace an upcoming test or learn simple hacks on how to understand organic chemistry without overwhelming yourself. If you have a basic understanding of what organic chemistry is, then you can use some of the advanced techniques with ease. Just make sure you know your knowledge level before you use the tricks laid out in this book.

3) Organic Chemistry as A Second Language

If your goal is to learn organic chemistry and want to become an expert, this book could be an excellent option for you. This book starts off by giving you the basic knowledge of organic chemistry, and then it goes into some of the most advanced techniques. The material in this book gets more difficult gradually, which is good. Many people consider this book to be very theoretical and not hands-on as many of the other organic chemistry books; however, there are a lot of hands-on exercises that you can do.

Please understand that this book is quite long, and can get theoretical. If you are someone who needs a lot of hands-on exercises and minimal theory, then this book might not be a great fit. However, if you are looking for a book that will be a staple in your library for organic chemistry, then you have found the right one. Think of this book as a dictionary; it will come in handy when you need help. We think this book is a must-have for organic chemistry enthusiasts.

4) Organic Chemistry

This book talks about a lot of concepts and a lot of problems that will allow you to learn about organic chemistry. This book has fundamental knowledge, and we don’t mean that in the wrong way. One thing which is great about this book would be how the words flow. There isn’t a lot of beating around the bush; it merely helps you to learn organic chemistry.

One downfall of this book is that there aren’t a lot of tips and tricks on understanding organic chemistry; it is very theoretical yet fun for people who enjoy organic chemistry. We think that this book is a must-have for people who are looking to be successful in organic chemistry or to learn the basics the right way. Since many students use this book, you can assure that knowledge can be used in your tests or school projects.

5) Ace Organic Chemistry

If you are in a hurry and you want to learn as much as possible about organic chemistry, then you have found your book. As the book suggests, you will ace your next organic chemistry test if you imply the tips provided by this book.

This book does an excellent job of teaching you the essential concepts of chemistry and providing you with a perfect study guide. If you are getting ready for a test, and you want to learn and memorize some of the problems quickly, then you can count on this book.

Even though we won’t recommend this book to you as a way to learn organic chemistry in-depth, it is still a great book to own. Overall, the information is straightforward to learn and understand for beginners, and if you are knowledgeable in organic chemistry, then you might not enjoy this book.

Final Verdict

Organic chemistry can be a tricky subject to learn, and we assure you that the books we have recommended will make your learning experience much more manageable. Make sure to read all of these books if you want to be an expert in organic chemistry, and to get the best results possible.

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One thing we do recommend is that you don’t jump straight to the advanced topics, please start the books that lay out the necessary information in a fun and easy manner. Once you know the basic information, you can slowly upgrade to more advanced books. You can also start with the books which teach you hacks and tips to understand the basics of organic chemistry, and then purchase a more advanced book.

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