Kaboom: Embracing the Sucking in a Savage Little War by Mark Gallagher (Book Review)

Many books will teach you the essentials of living a good life, but there are some which change your core beliefs for the better. One of the books which have a life-changing effect on readers would be Kaboom: Embracing the sucking in a savage little war. This book was written by Mark Gallagher, who originally started with a blog. Mark’s goal was to inform his friends and family about his experience. He would talk about his involvement in the military and stories, which were good and bad associated with his expertise. In 2008, his blog was shut down by the U.S Army because of the insights and interesting facts about the military. Without giving any spoilers of the book, the stories and experience are thrilling and bone-chilling at the same time.

What can you expect from this book?

Most ordinary people can expect to learn about the shortcomings and difficulties in our life. Mark talks about the issues within the military and differences between senior and junior officers. He also talks about the generation gap between the senior and the junior officers, which helps you understand why it is much better to live harmoniously with each other.

There are some excellent stories regarding Iraq, which helps you understand what the situation indeed was instead of what media was portraying. If you like to learn about the military, or you are a military fanatic, then this book will be a good option for you. The story and the lessons to be learned in this book are portrayed in military stories and examples; if you can’t resonate with military stories or the art of war, then this book would not be a good option for you. On the other hand, if you understand the art of war, and the issues going on with modern society, then you will learn and love this book.

Who should get this book?

If you consider yourself to be lazy or you like to procrastinate things, then this book will show you the ropes. Most people who have read this book say that it is a life-changing process. This book teaches you the importance of discipline, more so it shows you what would happen if you don’t do the things you should be doing. Life is too short to be left undone, and you must take the first initiative and do the right thing for yourself and your surroundings. Ideally, this book is for men and women who are over the age of 21 and above looking to do something with their life. The military brings the worst out of you, in a good way.

Even though this book will not take you through the strenuous workout and life situation army men and women have to go through, it will still give you the awakening and make you realize the things that you are doing, which will jeopardize your life. You will learn to take ownership of your shortcomings, and you will learn how to combat any issue that may occur. You will also learn to respect the military officers and realize what they had to go through to give you freedom. Please note that this book does not talk about gruesome things that may have happened in the war, so if you’re looking for a book that tells you stories then this would be a good option but not the best. This book is a combination of self-improvement and life stories that took place in the military. It is a good balance, but it doesn’t do one specific thing. It is an excellent book to read for people who like different things in literature. If you want to enjoy stories, and you’d like to learn about self-improvement, and this would be an excellent balanced book.

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Final verdict

Thank you so much for reading this article until the end, and we hope you learned a ton from this review. We highly recommend you read this book and form your own opinion. Most people who have read this book have changed their perspective in life, for the better. We hope you learn and make an informative decision. One thing’s for sure; you will learn and grow as a person once you read this book.

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